Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Hybrid Challenge- For Label Tulip

This tutorial was originally posted at the Label Tulip blog, as part of their two year birthday celebrations...

And now, on with the Label stuff! It's time to get hybrid!

Here is a link to a PDF file of digital images I have designed with a Summer theme in mind.

I used some of the images to make a very fun layout about my summer time thoughts. (Credits for the typefaces used belong to Misprinted Type.)

Don't be intimidated by the hybrid-ness. Just go for it. Print out some of these images and start playing. If you get stuck or have issues, please PM me on the Label Tulip boards and I will be happy to lend any assistance necessary. :)

I made a layout to start with, using elements from the download as well as some of the canvas labels created in the first tutorial.
Here are some of the details: