Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun With Paint (and Mixed Media)

With this, we're going to do a little mixed media messiness.
Start with a blank postcard: Do a basecoat of paint. I liked yellow. I applied it with a mix of water and paint. This is also known as a wash.
Apply a contrasting color of paint with something thin and flat and scrapey--like a playing card or one of those little fake credit cards that come in the mail.
When dry, ink the edges, thoroughly.
Distress the edges of the paper. Here I used an old emery board, but you could use a paper distresser (or scissors, if you are really careful).

You could also do this step prior to inking. With this, I went back and re-inked after I roughed the edges.
Use gesso or modgepodge to apply a piece of paper to the left side of the postcard (or where ever you desire). Here I used an old page from an antique French literature book.

I applied the gesso with my fingers, deeply rubbing the liquid into the paper, for a transparent effect.

Here I stamped and used distress emboss inks to give texture to the design. The embossing powder actually stuck to a few other places on the card (the gesso was wet). I used my heat gun to emboss those areas as well. It turned out to add a lovely gritty texture.
For my journaling block I painted a playing card a solid white.
After adhering the card to the postcard, I then used the end of a paintbrush to scatter white paint dots in a whimsical fashion across the postcard. I used a black pen to outline the paint dots.
To finish, I typed out my journaling and adhered it to the card. I then adhered a black lazer-cut frame on top of that.
I added my title with Mailbox Letters and Dymo Label.
Thanks for looking!

(originally posted for my now-defunct Postcards From Here Project in January 2008)